If the numbers are right the terraces may open again on May 8. And maybe also with us. In good weather, and if it seems feasible to us, we will open the terrace and offer a new formula under the name 'MATHILDA'S OUTDOOR EATERY'. In addition, with MATHILDA@HOME we will continue to offer our takeaway dishes.

Bistro Mathilda is located along the edge of Leopoldpark, just a stone’s throw away from the casino. The name “Mathilda” refers on the one hand to the famous sculpture by George Grard, “The Sea”, also called “De Dikke Mathile” (meaning “fat Mathilda”) by the locals. And on the other hand it refers to the popular Australian folk song: “Waltzing Matilda”. Literally “waltzing” means travelling on foot. A duffle bag (or swag) is also called a Matilda. “Waltzing Matilda” thus literally means travelling with one’s belongings slung over one’s back. At Bistro Mathilda this journey becomes a culinary one.

The Deklerck family opened Bistro Mathilda in 1995. All those years, Mathilda has been a fixture among the city’s best brasseries. Luc Deklerck and his wife Gerda Maenhout are the perfect restaurant owners.

In addition to Bistro Mathilda, the Deklercks also owns Brasserie Ocean on Albert II Promenade. Established in 1987, Brasserie Ocean is run by Luc’s brother, Leo.

Michelin Bib Gourmand 2018
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